Berkeley Giclée

Certificate of Authenticity
   A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a legally binding contract between an artist (or gallery) and the purchaser of the print. They are not required when printing an open edition (although many artists provide them), but they are required under California law when issuing a “Limited Edition”.

Berkeley Giclee will provide a COA only for art which we photograph at the request of the artist (or agent). The COA package consists of:

     •a secure certificate summarizing the details of the edition and the              series number, the number of artists proofs, and information on             the original art and the limited edition reproduction.
     •a duplicate copy for your records (marked ”FILE)
     •a holographic serial number to afix to the giclee
     •a more extensive legal document the covers the various                             requirements of The Farr Act
     •a data base entry maintained by Berkeley Giclee

COA’s can not be replaced if lost. Although every effort is made to ensure the integrity of the COA, Berkeley Giclee is not responsible for errors or omissions in the development of the COA. It is the responsibily of the artist to confirm and attest to the accuracy of the COA before signing.

Development of Certificate of Authenticity and First Certificate $25.
additional certificates in same series                                             $ 5.